Looking for Ruby language online test? Me too!


Pure Ruby language test. There are only three Live Coding Questions.

  1. Palindrome - A palindrome is a word that reads the same…
  2. File Owners - Implement a group_by_owners function…
  3. Path - Write a function that provides change…



    # Palindrome
    word.downcase == word.downcase.reverse 

    # File Owners
    files.reduce({}) do |r, pair|
      (r[pair[1]] ||= []) << pair[0]
    # Path
    @current_path += "/#{new_path}"
    @current_path.gsub!(/\/[^\/]+\/\.\./, '') while @current_path =~ /\.\./

I like there is online code editor and test. You have to write the code that passes the series of unit test to complete the task. Sadly there aren’t more test.


Very good list of test with descriptive answers. The test cover a lot of Ruby aspects from Beginner through Advanced level.


It is the best way to make you Ruby knowledge coverage test for now.

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